2023 Marathon American Ginseng Autumn Harvest Tour

On a drizzly morning, the Marathon and the Mengke Family welcomed friends from the Ping Ping Tuen Chinese community. More than 10 families gathered at Mengke Base to celebrate the 2023 American ginseng harvest.

2023 American ginseng harvest: Mengke Camp
Group photo at Mengke Base

American Ginseng Harvest

The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the American ginseng harvest. The American ginseng scene in the rain is very beautiful. The ginseng leaves are covered with water drops and the ginseng fruits turn from green to red. These ginseng fruits contain the precious seeds of American ginseng, which are very important for the survival of American ginseng.
Harvesting American ginseng roots
Harvested American Ginseng

Medicinal value of American ginseng fruit

American ginseng fruits are known for their high content of ginsenosides, which gives them numerous health benefits. Research shows that ginsenosides have anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. However, do not consume more than two to three fruits in a day. Dr. Jiang, who humorously calls himself "the best ginseng farmer among doctors, and the best doctor among ginseng farmers", joked: "Eat one pill to extend your life, two pills to make you immortal, but three pills are too tiring."

Ripe American Ginseng Berries
Ripe American ginseng fruit

Passion for work

Despite the constant rain, everyone's enthusiasm for digging for American ginseng and picking American ginseng fruits is still high. For many, this is the first time they have seen an American ginseng plant bearing fruit. Children of all age groups (5-60 years old) were like entering a candy store.

Harvesting American Ginseng Berries
Picking American ginseng fruits

Woman holding bucket of American ginseng berries

      A bucket full of American ginseng fruits      

Elderly Couple holding bags of American ginseng berries
The joy after labor

Dr. Jiang’s speech

Dr. Jiang delivered a passionate speech, introducing Percy, the second generation descendant of the Mengke family, and Paul, the third generation descendant of the Mengke family, and thanked them for their warm hospitality. He shared his fate with American ginseng and told the story of how he used American ginseng to save two lives at a critical moment.

Dr. Jiang giving a speech
Dr. Jiang’s speech

Mengke Manor and Apple Orchard Tour

Afterwards, everyone broke corn at Mengke Manor and went to Jiapigou Orchard to collect apples and plums. Due to the continuous rain, the traditional Chinese dance performance originally planned to be held at Mengke Base had to be postponed, but luckily, we had the opportunity to enjoy the dance performed by Yifan.
Girl breaking corn
Breaking corn at Mengke Manor
Purple Plums
Fresh purple plums
Boy reading
Children reading in the apple orchard
Despite the unfavorable weather, the passion for labor and the joy of harvest still infected everyone present. The love for American ginseng, along with its unique medicinal value and cultural symbol, has been deeply rooted in the blood of the Chinese people. The stories and experiences shared on this journey will undoubtedly become cherished memories for all involved. Thanks to our friends from the Ping Ping Tuen Chinese community for coming all the way!
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