Collection: Delivery in China

In view of the various inconveniences such as US mailing and China customs restrictions, Marathon Ginseng decided to provide delivery services in China. The Founder of the company, Dr. Jiang, personally guarantees to provide only pure Wisconsin ginseng.

Marathon Ginseng has paid a high commercial import duty and the price includes import duty and value-added tax (up to 50%)

Products of this category are limited to delivery services in China only, please do not use it in the United States. The order will be shipped directly from our partner warehouses and subsidiaries in China. Please provide a mainland mailing address in Chinese and a Delivery Phone number in China, otherwise the express delivery will be delayed.

American ginseng from Wisconsin is imported into China in batches by Marathon Ginseng through the US Endangered Species Export License and the Chinese Medicinal Materials Endangered Species Import Permit.  It is released after passing the strict national statutory import drug inspection and meeting the Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards.