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680CN - Super Yin Capsules-全球专利产品- Delivery in China

680CN - Super Yin Capsules-全球专利产品- Delivery in China

A 20000 times extract of rare ginsenosides CK,Rg3 and RH2 and the prime PDD devoid of any side chains in its steraryl structure, contained in vegetarian capsules with rice flours as filler. Used for immune modulation functions, 2-4 capsules daily with food.

Codeveloped with WellHead Biotech under Dr Lee from Taiwan, Republic of China.

Ginsenoside M1 (purified CK) was patented by Dr. Lee and collegues across the globe for improving multitude of conditions such as  Oral cancer/lupus Nephritis/IgA Nephritis/ Renal Fibrosis/Blood thinner/Gout as well as Covid-related symptoms (patent pending)

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