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Marathon Ginseng, The Real Stuff!®

Marathon Ginseng Gardens, LLC is a Wisconsin Ginseng farm and global distributor of premium Wisconsin Ginseng from Marathon County, Wisconsin, the Ginseng Capital of America.

It was founded in 2010 by Ming Tao Jiang MD, PhD and partners. Our ginseng products have earned the trust of our global members. Our premium brand Monk Garden has set the gold standards for American Ginseng for quality and presentation. It was presented to the White House recently on Feb 1, 2024.

Best Sellers

The Miracle of American Ginseng: How American Ginseng helped saving Anja's life

  • Steve Wisconsin

    "The Best Ginseng in the World!!! Dr. Ming Tao Jiang, Ginseng Specialist and his staff are outstanding!!!!"

  • Ms. Yang Shanghai

    "Dr. Jiang: The ginseng I brought back to China, my relatives and friends said it was good! The aroma lasted a whole day soaked in water! I used to think that ginseng should have no aroma in China."

  • Mr. Wei Beijing

    "Dr. Jiang: I ate the ginseng that my friend brought from you, and my body feels like I'm in my twenties!"