Carrying American Ginseng with Peace of Mind to Bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to Your Family!

Carrying American Ginseng with Peace of Mind to Bring Health, Happiness and Harmony to Your Family!

Hello Marathon Ginseng members!

There has been a lot of misinformation about whether American ginseng can be imported. Members who return to various parts of Asia in 2023 and enter via Hong Kong or Taiwan will have smooth access. We also implement triple protection measures so that you can safely take American ginseng to your relatives and friends, bringing triple benefits of health, happiness and family harmony (Healthy/Happy/Harmony 3H)

1. Fresh American ginseng cannot be transported because it needs to be quarantined to prevent the introduction of soil diseases. This is true for both US and Chinese customs.

Marathon Ginseng Percy Monk

2. We provide an export certificate for endangered species and free replacement if lost:

American ginseng is an internationally endangered species. Whether cultivated or wild, pruned ginseng and slices require a U.S. export license, also known as CITES, issued by the U.S. Federal Fish and Wild Life Services (FWS). If mailed without export certificate, it will be returned to senders. Due to the different implementation standards of China Customs in different regions, direct mailing services are currently suspended, but China domestic delivery services are provided instead..

We currently provide export certificates for endangered species to ensure your customs clearance for 5 pounds or more. You can carry small quantities without worry.


3. Ginseng products that can be mailed without restrictions include: ginseng powder, ginseng tea, capsules and ginseng candies, excluding ginseng slices. No export license is required.


4. There is only a quantity limit, as with other gifts. The US FWS considers carrying ten pounds to be within the scope of reasonable personal use. China Customs stipulates that gifts above 5,000 RMB can be taxed at 15%.

Wild American Ginseng

5.  We have implemented an alternative delivery service to China for orders placed in the United States. American ginseng is imported into China as a medicinal material and can only enter China domestic market after passing strict  China national medicine import testing and is subject to a customs duty and import fee of ~50%. 

6. In China, it can be purchased from Monk Garden® Ginseng official store.

7. The US consultation hotline is 715-571-2426 or 818-663-8888. In China, you can contact us with WeChat at  Marathon_Ginseng

Dr. Jiang, Founder of Marathon Ginseng


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