Collection: Monk Garden® Premium Ginseng

Monk Garden Premium Ginseng

Congratulations to Monk Garden ginseng for being carried by TRT International on its cross border shopping platforms!

Marathon Ginseng is the exclusive distributor of the Monk Ginseng. It is the best ginseng product America has to offer, and it simply sets the golden standard for American Ginseng!

Monk series American ginseng is produced in Monk Ginseng Farm in the north of Wisconsin. The high-quality American ginseng with an incomparable fragrance and endless sweetness has been carefully cultivated, with the original ecological growth environment, after a long and severe winter, supplemented by green fertilizers. It is unforgettable with fulfillment after a bite!

The Monk series gift box only uses new season ginseng to ensure its unique taste and fragrance, and was selected by the Wisconsin state government as an official visit gift to China in 2015, and it successfully appeared in the United Nations Building in 2016! It is an honor to be selected as an American ginseng gift by Tongrentang International Flagship Store in 2021.

To know the story of the fierce family, please watch the CCTV documentaries "Ginseng. Homeland" and "Ginseng. The Taste" or read the reader's travel notes "Weizhou Seeking Roots" published by the "World Journal" weekly, or share the joy of digging a mallet in the Mengke Manor in Xanadu, the Chinese Olympic champion.