The Grace of Saving Lives is Never Absent

About three weeks ago, Anja transitioned from the main ventilator to what they call a "home-use" ventilator and was moved to the intermediate ICU. These weeks have been the most impressive in terms of her recovery and lung strengthening. Last Monday, they did a CT scan of her lungs, and it was a world of difference from a month ago.

The lung doctor commented that her left lung had good airflow, and the nodules in her right lung were shrinking. Her breathing sounded much better, indicating that healing was taking place. However, they couldn't say for sure to what extent it could heal. They believe the nodules will continue to shrink, but surgical removal will eventually be necessary because these scar-like nodules obstruct airflow and may cause other complications.

Currently, there are two areas of concern for BuBu. Firstly, the area around her tracheostomy is susceptible to infection, which directly affects her lungs. Secondly, the monthly chemotherapy sessions prolong the healing period for her lungs. We've proposed to the medical team that we give BuBu another month to observe her lung healing progress and temporarily suspend any form of chemotherapy.

When the lung doctor mentioned that eventually they might need to remove a portion of her lung due to the nodules, I interrupted and said, "Let me handle this." I opened up the CT image and said to BuBu, "BuBu, remember the story of the ginseng doll that Mom told you about? Look, it has now transformed into a deer and is clearing the non-functional parts of your lungs, just like there were many weeds there, affecting the growth of healthy trees. Look at your left side, it's already cleared up, but on the right side, there are too many weeds, and the little tree there withered. But the deer can only eat so much every day, so we need to give it time and cheer it on! Once it clears everything up, the 'ginseng deer' will turn into a healthy little tree, taking root and growing branches and leaves. Then, you won't need surgery anymore..." I watched BuBu's expression while sneakily glancing at the lung doctor: BuBu's eyes widened, and she believed every word. The lung doctor standing next to BuBu's bed looked at me, embarrassed, almost fainting from the situation.

Last week, we flew in Dr. Gates from another state. He had flown to Lanzhou, China, four times to perform surgery for a prominent figure. He admired Dr. Jiang Mingtao's decision to leave the city and return to farming. Dr. Gates expressed full confidence in Dr. Jiang Mingtao's "Ginseng Soup," and he said her right lung sounded much better than anyone expected! This gives us hope that BuBu's lungs will continue to recover and even improve further. Maybe we won't need surgery after all.

It's the first time a doctor has given us this possibility. Hallelujah! These days, doctors have been visiting our ward to inquire about Dr. Jiang Mingtao. Yesterday, an oncologist told us that they never expected BuBu to reach such a level of healing, and they were astonished by her recovery!

Although she still has much strength to regain, this week she's been using her hands and arms more each day. She sits in a wheelchair, learning to communicate with everyone using a computer that responds to her vision and studying how to speak through her tracheostomy. Moreover, this positive, optimistic, and clever child communicates with everyone through blinking, nose movements, and peace sign gestures.

Please remember that these same doctors expected the worst-case scenario back in July, uncertain if continued treatment would meet ethical standards, as she went through several crises, seemingly impossible to overcome. But it doesn't matter now, because the doctors say Dr. Jiang Mingtao's "Ginseng Soup" should be introduced to all hospitals in the United States, though it needs to be taken one step at a time. As a result, doctors personally handed me business cards and contacts of relevant research departments.

To be honest, I’ve never denied the hard work of our medical professionals, but my heart is filled with gratitude for Dr. Jiang Mingtao. He appeared three times at the most critical moments and turned the tide. Some think it's fate between BuBu and ginseng, others believe it's fate between BuBu and Dr. Jiang Mingtao, but I want to express: American medical teams saved me, making me realize that life is priceless; however, Dr. Jiang Mingtao's current work also saved me, bringing a ray of light into my dark life.

Today, I had the great honor of accompanying my good friend, Gu Qing, to visit the renowned molecular biologist and doctoral supervisor, Dr. Jiang Mingtao, at the marathon. We brought along blessings from BuBu and the entire medical staff at the Minnesota Children's Hospital for the marathon participants. As soon as we entered the hotel, Dr. Jiang presented us with a generous gift, leaving us deeply grateful! I hope the marathon ginseng bring new brilliance to medical research for humanity! 

Whether as a pediatric cardiologist or a farmer-turned-scientist in the United States, wherever Jiang Mingtao goes, and whatever profession he takes on, the grace of saving lives is ever-present. Now, let me pray for those reading this article: Heavenly Father, Dr. Jiang Mingtao is my most trusted friend. I pray that I can also follow his example and become a friend whom others can trust!

Maggie Zhang, reporting from Wisconsin, on the early morning.

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