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Marathon Ginseng

K-200-Super K- Saponins in 5 ml x 5 ampoules

K-200-Super K- Saponins in 5 ml x 5 ampoules

For oral intake.

The latest scientific and manufacturing breakthrough with Ginseng Saponins from WellHead Biotech!

  It contains precious and rare ginsenosides including Compound K (CK, or ginsenoside M), its isomer RH2 and Rg3 as well as PDD with minimal pyrogens,  for  the ultimate boost in immunity which  will help your fight against many adversities.  Ginsenoside M is patented  across the global  against autoimmune issues and oral cancer. Current patent applications pending for  treating cancer.

It does not cause hair loss or nausea and is actually an energy booster.



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