Come and dig ginseng together!

On June 15, our family made a special trip from Chicago to the Wisconsin Marathon to visit Dr. Jiang Mingtao. Dr. Jiang is a legend in the American ginseng industry. In line with the belief of "strengthening the body of the world", he established his own marathon ginseng in 2009. From then on, a new chapter in growing ginseng began.

Wisconsin (Wisconsin), the name comes from the Indian language, which means "grassy place".

Along the way, you can see the blue sky, white clouds and green grassland. Every photo you take with your mobile phone is a pastoral style impression that makes people feel relaxed and happy.

A small road sign reminded us that we have entered Marathon County! Marathon County is located in central Wisconsin and was established in 1807. Its name comes from the Greek word marathon. Currently, 95% of the American ginseng produced in the United States comes from Marathon County.

The ginseng farmers in Marathon County have more than a century of experience in growing ginseng passed down from generation to generation. They always insist on using virgin land to grow American ginseng, thereby ensuring that the American ginseng fully absorbs the nutrients in the soil to the greatest extent, making the American ginseng in Marathon contain extremely high levels of ginseng. Ginsenoside ingredients.

This is the origin of American ginseng, with cold winters and cool summers. It not only has rolling mountains, but also large areas of virgin forest. The best quality American ginseng is cultivated in the fertile soil rich in various minerals. Marathon County American ginseng enjoys a reputation as "the purest and highest quality" worldwide.


After a warm hug when we met, Dr. Jiang immediately made us ginseng tea to relieve our fatigue. Then according to the tradition of Shandong people, we poured American ginseng wine and cheers!

The doctor is a gentle person. He brought out various kinds of American ginseng and wild ginseng wine for us to taste. One sip of the wild ginseng wine really relaxes menstruation, activates blood circulation, and speeds up the heartbeat. At this moment, the doctor did not forget to show us a VCR to introduce in detail the history of American ginseng planting and the business philosophy of the ginseng field, which allowed us to learn a lot of new knowledge.

In the exhibition hall, American ginseng wine brewed by the doctor himself.

American ginseng wine and wild ginseng wine of various ages are so awesome!😄

Wild Ganoderma lucidum looks like auspicious purple clouds. It is really wild and interesting to decorate the office.

Lynx specimen, little friends can’t put it down

The little friends were so excited to see Dr. Jiang’s hunting trophies!

Dr. Jiang’s gift of ginseng tea and American ginseng for marathon participants

American ginseng wine given by Dr. Jiang for marathon participation

The little kid also got his first fur (raccoon?)😄😄😄


Marathon participation

The white ginseng flowers bloom quietly, with a flowering period of 2-3 weeks. Ginseng flowers are picked and dried in the sun, and can be soaked in water and drunk. It has the effects of nourishing yin and replenishing qi, calming the mind and improving intelligence, clearing away heat and promoting fluid production, reducing fire and relieving heat. It is the best nourishing drink in summer.


Dr. Jiang teaches us how to pick ginseng flowers

Dad digs American ginseng with his friends. Dr. Jiang said, "Digging for ginseng is just like archaeological excavation. You need to move gently and slowly. Only by digging in the direction of the ginseng roots can you dig out American ginseng with intact roots."

My little friend dug up a large ginseng!

"Look at the American ginseng I dug! Guess how old it is?"

The old comrades behind the children's shoes are secretly having fun😄

The lush American ginseng garden is as far as the eye can see. Each sapling is the hard work and sweat of the ginseng grower.

In a short time, we dug several branches of American ginseng!

The doctor drove a tractor🚜 and drove our family around the venue, enjoying the treatment of the President of the United States!

After driving a truly qualified tractor, we became real villagers!😄😄

What a coincidence. This visit to Dr. Jiang coincides with my husband’s and my wedding anniversary, so taking a group photo is a must! (The red farmhouse behind was built in 1915. Who says the United States has no history? There are plenty of things from hundreds of years ago)😄😄😄


As a senior foodie, eating local delicacies is what I look forward to most every time I go somewhere. We highly recommend Wisconsin's most famous snack - Cheese Curd, which is crispy on the outside and soft and glutinous on the inside, rich in milk and rich in nutrients. Some time ago, a Facebook friend visited Wisconsin, and this was his favorite snack. He also greatly praised the Wisconsin fried cheese on his Facebook page.

Fried cheese, the rhythm cannot be stopped! Wisconsin is known as the "Dairy State" and is especially famous for its cheese. Residents of the state humorously call themselves "cheeseheads" and often wear foam hats that look like the corner of a round Swiss cheese during sporting events. 🧀

Local fried duck and French fries are so delicious

Local fish and chips, so delicious that you’ll want to dance

Local fried fish nuggets and sweet potato chips are so delicious that they will fly away😄😄

How can you go to Wisconsin without eating steak? 😄😄Wisconsin is a state of dairy cows 🐄 with more than 🐄 more than 2 million of them. It produces the most milk, butter and cheese in the United States every year. one.

The local restaurant is very atmospheric, with shotguns, game specimens, old posters, and old photos all hanging on the walls. The proprietress is very busy, she is eloquent, and... she has a super hot figure! Hahaha, Dr. Jiang is so good at finding places! Don't ask me where the boss lady is, she is taking pictures of us!😄😄

Beer🍺When we drink it, although both of us will blush when drinking, Shirley has a much bigger drinking capacity than I do, and she kept trying to get rid of me!

Hahaha, someone who was born in the Year of the Tiger and is not fond of meat actually ordered a 20-ounce steak for himself. In the end, he was completely convinced and raised his hands and shouted "Wisconsin beef is the best!"


Finally, after the day's visit, it was time to say goodbye. Sister Shirley picked up the children's shoes and said goodbye affectionately!

The little boy and the doctor hugged each other and said goodbye, reluctant to leave!

The little boy went home and planted the American ginseng dug from the ginseng field into his own flower pot, hoping to grow a big ginseng.


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