Ginseng: A Miracle Herb that Saved Lives

Mr. Feng's Story: How Your Ginseng Saved My Dad's Life Under the Condition of 60% Oxygen Saturation

During my China trip, I had the privilege of attending a reception dinner with a group of sports reporters stationed in Milwaukee during the NBA 2006-2007 season. The celebration was in honor of NBA player Yi Jianlian, a beloved local player from Guangdong, who was drafted by the Bucks. As the local contact for the Yi Fan Club, I was delighted to be part of the event.

    Meeting Friends in China 

At the dinner, I had an encounter that left me deeply moved. I met Mr. Feng, who shared a remarkable and emotional story with me. In February 2023, his father was battling COVID-19, and his condition was critical. Doctors predicted that he had only a few hours to live with his blood oxygen level dangerously low at 60%. In a desperate attempt to save his father, Mr. Feng remembered the formula I had used for Anja Alvord, which was based on a blog shared by my friend Keith.

Inspired by the success of the formula, Mr. Feng decided to try it for his father. He prepared a tea with 30 grams of Ginseng slices shaken in a water bottle and fed it to his 80-year-old father for the next three days. Miraculously, his father's blood oxygen levels increased to 90% saturation, giving him a fighting chance until the anticovid serum became available.

The unexpected testimonial was heartwarming, knowing that my knowledge of Ginseng played a role in saving someone's life. On another note, the dinner served us an incredible feast, unlike anything I had experienced in Wisconsin, making the evening even more memorable.


Today, as I embark on my journey to Yantai, Shandong, to visit my mother and other relatives, I can't help but emphasize the immense health benefits of Ginseng. Although not FDA-approved, its potential to positively impact lives has been reaffirmed. 


Anja's Story: From Terminal to Triumph: The Miraculous Rescue of Ginseng

As I reflect on Mr. Feng's story and my journey through China, I am reminded of another life-saving incident involving Ginseng. Anja Alvord, a young girl who loves arts and keeps a journal of her journey, proved doctors wrong twice. Once in 2018 and again in July 2022, when she was declared terminal due to severe pneumonia-induced multiorgan failure. Ginseng came to the rescue and saved her life, hailed as a miracle by doctors.

In July 2022, I received a call from Anja's mother, desperate for a last chance to say goodbye as doctors planned to remove her from the ventilator. I immediately recommended using Ginseng to brew "Dusen Tang" for nasal feeding. Within two weeks, her condition stabilized, and her heart and lung function improved, astonishing Western medicine. Two months later, she was out of the ICU, and four months later, she was discharged, receiving home care till today. She had previously battled leukemia and underwent a successful stem cell transplant.

Anja continued her recovery

A year later, Anja continued her recovery in Minnesota. She resumed her studies at home, went shopping for her favorite clothes, and visited animal exhibits.

                             Anja went shopping for her favorite clothes

The incredible power of Ginseng, as evidenced by these stories, showcases its potential to save lives and provide hope where there seemed to be none. While these accounts are extraordinary, it's essential to remember that Ginseng should be used responsibly and in consultation with healthcare professionals. As I continue my journey, I am excited to share the wonders of Ginseng with the world, promoting its health benefits and its potential to create miracles for those in need.

       Anja and Dr Jiang

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