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S100 - Wisconsin Wild Chaga Mushroom – 8oz

S100 - Wisconsin Wild Chaga Mushroom – 8oz

S100 Something Special from Wisconsin: Wild Chaga Mushroom

Exclusively developed Wisconsin wild birch fungus, one of the strongest antioxidants gifted by nature. 36,000 antioxidant units per gram, which is 90 times that of wolfberry (400 units), and 1400 times that of commonly used antioxidant planted blueberries (25). It is rich in polysaccharides, but it needs to be broken down to release its polysaccharides. Hot water tea or liquor processing, since the 16th century in Russia and Eastern Europe, birch fungus has been used to treat cancer, stomach problems, diabetes and high blood pressure. Wisconsin Mountains in the United States has used birch fungus to treat arthritis, and it is said to be very effective.

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